Genetic Galaxy Defender – a Genetic Algorithm Game

Genetic Galaxy Defender is a simple space shooter game written in Flash where you play a heroic space pilot defending your motherland from the horde of invading alien robots (that, for some reason, look like Octopi).  This is a game I made for a final project in a Systems Engineering class where we focused on biological inspiration in engineering design.

Genetic Galaxy Defender screenshot title screen

The Title screen of Genetic Galaxy Defender

While this game is actually pretty fun (and challenging), it also demonstrates the power of Genetic Algorithms. The Aliens artificial intelligence (AI) and equipment load-out are governed by this algorithm.

Genetic Galaxy Defender screenshot Round 1

Aliens attempt to get to the left side of the screen, and you try to keep your Starship alive. Scoring points gives you faster movement, and surviving brings bigger and better weapons each round.

In this game, you will find that Alien equipment and tactics evolve over time.  They adapt to the player’s style and tactics.  This makes for an especially challenging game as the Aliens evolve.

Genetic Galaxy Defender Aliens evolving screenshot

At the end of each round, the Aliens’ equipment and tactics are evolved. You can see what Aliens of the next generation will look like.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 23.58.23

Score points as more and more Aliens attempt to invade your home world (the left side of the screen). As each Alien attempts to succeed, you can read information from your scanner on the equipment load out and instantaneous movements (tactics) of the Alien.


Play the Game

Enough talk, go and defend your galaxy! After you play, read further to discover more about this game. Basic instructions can be found in the first screen and in the play screen. (hint: press “p” at any time to pause. Everything you need to know is on the screen somewhere).

To play:

  1. You need Adobe Flash Player
  2. Click on the Flash image below. It will open the game in full screen
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Come back when you are done – leave a comment! Best score? Highest level? Love it? Hate it?

 Other Notes

  • After the Aliens evolve, the screen will wait about 10 seconds before proceeding to the next level. I will add a countdown timer to the next version.
  • Resolution is 1040×680 pixels

Here is the game, which at the moment I am not fitting to the screen. Click it to begin:

Get Adobe Flash player




11Feb2015: Here is my best score:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 19.17.09

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