Complexity Science: Now a Magazine on Flipboard

Complexity lovers and learners alike will fall in love with the new Complexity Science magazine on Flipboard.

Complexity Science is now a magazine on Flipboard

Complexity Science is now a magazine on Flipboard

With selections from Jake David and other contributors, this magazine aims to “observe complex and emergent phenomenon in science, society, and art.”  In other words, it brings together articles that might not seem related to Complexity Science together for the complexity reader.

Not just a container for scientific stories, this magazine brings photography, pop-culture, and off-the-wall writings from around the world  with little commentary from the contributors.

This gem will surely become part of your favorite Flipboard reading routine.

To read Complexity Science, follow the hyperlink to the free magazine by clicking on the graphic to the left, or visit in your browser or in your Flipboard App and search for “Complexity Science.”



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