Complexity Emerges From Simple Rules – Demonstration by Cymatics

Behind anything that is truly complex there are simple rule sets.  This video includes demonstrations of cymatics, which is the visualization of sound waves.

Look at the patterns of sand on the vibrating diaphragm. If an artist using a traditional paint brush were to draw those, he would have to use a series of circles or other shapes and it would be quite painstaking.  The operator in the video simply turns a dial, creating a compression wave.  Those shapes were created by something that looked similar to this picture:

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Each time the operator tuned to a new frequency, the wave was very simple and repetitive, just as above.  This wave can be expressed by only two qualities: frequency and amplitude, and yet each new frequency created a new and many times surprisingly different result than it’s neighbor.

This phenomenon is analogous to all aspects of Complexity Science.  And just like the simple rules set by the speaker in the video, an economy can achieve surprisingly complex results with simple rule sets.

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